On quite the serious note: This is Tiffany. She hasn’t been home since August 18th. She ran away from home, so the police aren’t doing much about the situation, or letting anyone know the story. Except, she’s only 15. She’s been alone for over a week now, and she hasn’t taken her medications for that time. 

Her mom is worried sick. My family knows her mother and her, and everyone wants her home. Please, share this, make her be found safe. It will take a second out of your day to share this, and she’s a child who needs to be found. This is a local thing for me, and I would love to see her safe.

Thank you.

All the notes already are astounding. Please keep sharing this. It’s a big thing, especially because not a lot of people know besides her friends and family.

***IMPORTANT: She may have dyed her hair red now, and she’s at high risk of hurting herself. We need to find her. She has many mental illnesses/disabilities, and may not realize being gone this long is awful for everyone around her

Media have been contacted, and this was their response. "If the police do not believe that it is important enough to be aired on the news, then we will not air it." That’s just wrong. So, it’s up to us to keep sharing in hopes that someone finds her. Thank you to everyone so far for continuing to like and reblog this <3 I’ll keep updating as time goes on.








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 i know what it feels like to be in iraq and miss the birth of your own daughter.<3


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